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Things To Do In Pattaya With Family

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It is not only young people who come to Pattaya to enjoy the sunshine, beaches and discos but there are also many Russian investors and people want to know things to do in Pattaya with family. Thankfully I have been to many of the sites of interest so I wanted to add some of my photos because I think not enough sites have focused on the tourist attractions and have only discussed the bars, I have edited myself out of the photos though since I want to focus on the sites themselves.

Firstly I wanted to mention ‘Elephant Village’ as you can see in the first image above. I visited this resort the first time I came to Pattaya in 2011 and its a great place to go with your partner and take a romantic elephant ride around the surrounding countryside. The elephant crosses through a deep river so keep hold of your belongings so they do not get wet and you will also see many large butterflies as the elephant passes through the nearby trees. After the elephant has traveled around for about an hour you return back to the village where you should buy some banana’s as a reward for the elephant and you can also eat a selection of fresh fruits and see the elephants perform some tricks.

You can also see the large gold statue of Buddha on the mountain which overlooks the city, it is about 15 minutes motorbike taxi ride in Jomtien. There are long steps up to the statue and also a dozen smaller golden statues surrounding it, at the foot of this temple you can walk around ringing the sacred bells.

One of the more recent attractions that makes for a great day out with the family is ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’, this includes the world’s largest tethered hot air balloon as well as a haunted house, wax model museum and Infinity Maze.


Lastly the ‘Art In Paradise’ center in North Pattaya is a fun day out costing 150 Baht for Thai people and 500 Baht for foreign people. While it is expensive to enter you will get your money’s worth because the building is 2 floors high with many opportunities to take novelty photos of yourself interacting with the paintings.


By James Thomas



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