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This is a special post that we thought we should put out there into the public ‘Internet Archive’ because we think this is an important issue  and that is the topic of the official Wikipedia page for Pattaya.  As you are probably aware, Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information and they do not pretend to be, however, they do portrait themselves as ‘an Encyclopedia that everyone contributes to’.

After browsing the official Wikipedia page for Pattaya last week I noticed that the photograph portraying the Buddha Statue at Wat Khao Phra Bat is significantly outdated, it displays the statue when it was first constructed in 1983 prior to it being painted golden. I thought this is unacceptable to display a photograph of the statue in white since tourists will be confused when they discover a white statue does not exist and this is a major icon of the city.

To be fair they have allowed me to edit the caption on the photograph of the Buddha displayed in white but they continually deleted my photograph of the Buddha painted gold. Also hats off to them because they were protecting my existing copyright on the image which I originally posted here, but the whole process of proving I owned the image was very difficult because you have to go searching through lots of ‘Talk’ pages which are hard to navigate in order to speak to the person that deleted it.

Photo By FishDecoy Wikipedia

We have since emailed the Wikipedia address: permissions-commons@wikimedia.org from the official email address for Admin (at) ThingsToDoInPattaya.net giving permission for them to publish the photograph for Free Creative Commons use by the public. Its been around 4 days so far since we originally attempted to improve the information regarding the Buddha Statue and we do realize Wikipedia is run by volunteers but we are creating this post as proof we attempted to make the changes, hopefully this page will rank underneath the official page seen here in case it is not updated.


If anybody has any other information regarding the painting of the Statue please comment below and we will try to get this included in the Wikipedia page seeing as we already have an account associated with it.

By James Thomas




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