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Introducing Our New Channels……


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As most of my readers will know, this site relies heavily on our videos of what to see in Thailand that we have posted on our main Youtube channel and most of those involve Pattaya. However, we are increasingly adding videos from other parts of Thailand and this has made it a requirement that we set up 4 other sister channels presented on this page.

You can be sure now that when you go to our main channel that you will only see Pattaya related videos but in the ‘What Bangkok’ channel illustrated in the first image you will see videos of the Bangkok skyscrapers, canal systems and also scenes from the outskirts of the capital including the University campus and more rural areas.


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The second channel ‘See Thai’ is just a generic name I came up with and because it will help with future sister sites we have in mind such as ‘Things to see in Thailand’. It is important that we expand our project on video sites because putting all of our eggs in one basket is unwise in the competitive Youtube community. Also too many things can go wrong and if we have any community problems we can re-upload to our backup channels because we have a big following now so we want to ensure that our subscribers can find our videos which they find useful about Thailand.


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Another niche channel we set up is called ‘Coyote Pattaya’ and this channel is dedicated to the motorshow’s that happen in Pattaya near Central Festival shopping center every July. These auto shows include ‘Coyote Dancers’ who are very attractive and one of the highlights of the show but this topic is a lot different to our other videos and therefore we wanted to separate them.


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Finally our 5th channel is basically what you would describe as a ‘general backup’ and this is for any exotic and obscure Thailand videos that relate to tourism and educational purposes. If you have any suggestions about particular topics you want us to cover in our videos leave us a comment below using the Facebook comments plugin and we will do our best to get footage of the specific locations or scenes and don’t forget to subscribe to the channels!

By James Thomas



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