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Walking Street


The Top 3 things to do in Walking Street Pattaya includes seeing the various street performers such as the ‘Spider Girl’ who is very elasticated and can balance on small objects under the guidance of her father seen in the video above. You also see the usually people on stilts, mimes and one familiar site is a stand selling funny wigs for drunk farrangs to act crazy and pose for photos. If you want to see Walking Street without being crushed among a crowd of Koreans taking photographs I advise you visit on a Monday to Wednesday around 8pm – 9pm because that is when it is relatively quiet but still has the usual activities.

Another interesting spectacle you can see on Walking Street is Muay Thai kickboxing, firstly there is a bar just before you cross under the large Samsung TV screen at the entrance to Walking Street and then there is another boxing ring about halfway down. As you can see in the video below the kickboxing is thoroughly exciting with no protective gear, the boxer in the blue shorts takes quite a hit but still shakes hands with his opponent at the end of the match.


As you are probably aware Walking Street is famous for its GoGo bars and when you walk down the road you will have many people try to sell you tickets to see shows as well as sell you roses or take photos of you and your partner but you can easily stop them pestering you by saying ‘Mai Ow’ which simply means ‘I don’t need’ in Thai.

Besides the famous clubs such as ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Fahrenheit’ there are also some good nightclubs, first of there is one just as you enter Walking Street opposite the convenience store and it plays ‘Thai Pop Music’ including the best Rock songs. The more renowned clubs on Walking Street are ‘Lucifer’ which plays the best Hip Hop and also has live artists and then a bit further down is iBar/Insomnia which are the more stylish nightclubs with big screen TVs. You can’t miss any of them since they are all advertised with Neon signposts.

Lastly you will want to see the beautiful Russian ladies dancing on the first floor of ‘Windmill’ which can be seen in the video below, they really are majestic and it is an impressive show of lights and dancing at this point.


By James Thomas



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