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Top 10 – What To Do In Pattaya

After making over 200 videos on Youtube and visiting most entertainment spots in Pattaya I thought it was high about time that I created my own Top 10 Things What To Do In Pattaya List because I have seen some other attempts appear above my site in Google which I think missed a lot of important venues. Below are my Top 10 but are in no particular order since I think they are all equally fascinating in there own unique way and so visitors to Pattaya should try to tick each one off in the short or long time that they are here.

The Pattaya Sign


I added the Pattaya sign as my first venue because it is the most recent place that I have been to around the city, I think it is under estimated as a place to visit during the day time. I am sure that many people reading this will be aware that the sign flashes different colors during the night time but during the day you can climb up the mountain and look down a the beautiful view of the whole Pattaya Marina and beach. I could not find any instructions online about how to get to it or if it was even possible but my girlfriend did tell me you could get to it so one day while I was going to look at the Lighthouse I notice some steps leading up towards the mountain and after climbing them for around 10 minutes you come to a road and just follow it all the way to the left and you’re there!


Stay For Songkran

2If you visit Pattaya during the 13th to 15th of April in one particular year you will be here to witness the worlds largest water fight! Its great fun and is a festival to mark the Thai New Year, don’t expect to stay dry because everyone gets splashed and often with a bucket of cold water while you are sat on the Baht Bus! You should protect your belongings with a waterproof bag and wear a plastic overall which can both be bought cheaply from the street vendors. The event lasts around 5 days and varies the particular dates from city to city but in Pattaya the whole of Beach Road is basically closed off for dancing and some people are even getting sprayed with fire hoses!


Day Trip To Bangkok

3Technically this next one is not a ‘thing to do in Pattaya’ but is something you should do in case you can not fit it in before your flight home and that is a short trip to Bangkok. You do not want to come all the way to Thailand and not see the capital of Bangkok while you are within 1 and a half hours drive, there are temples, shopping malls and the famous canal ride which cost me about 1500 baht for 2 people and they drive the gondola style boat around the whole river system for about 1 hour as you can see in the video here:


Elephant Village

4There are various things to see at Elephant Village which is about 15 minutes motorbike taxi ride from Beach Road and is in 48/120, Moo 7, Tambol Nong Prue. I recommend the 1 hour Elephant Trek as seen below in my video, it costs 1200 Baht for 2 people if I remember correctly and you also get a wide selection of fresh fruits waiting for you when you arrive back at the village.


Golden Buddha On The Hill Jomtien

5The Golden Buddha Statue on Pratumnak Hill in Jomtien is only 10 minutes Baht Bus ride and costs only a couple of hundred baht to get to the top. It is definitely a high-light of any tour of Pattaya. It is part of the Wat Phra Yai temple where there are often local’s paying their respects to Buddha and also there are Buddhist monks lighting incense around the dozen small statues that surround the large one.


Visit A Street Market

6One thing that you will see naturally if you spend any considerable length of time in Pattaya are the street markets, they may stretch the whole length of one particular street with many different foods, flowers, music stalls, dress stalls and make up stalls for the girls. One street that I recommend you visit at night for the market is Pattaya Tai (South Road) which you can find by walking straight from the Walking Street sign left and crossing an intersection and passing a temple along the way.


Mini Siam

7I have discussed Mini Siam in one of my other posts here and the great thing about this entertainment park is not only does it have miniatures of most major monuments worldwide but it has a massive park further down that displays miniatures of all famous temples and attractions from Thailand itself. Some people say it is best to see it at night when everything is lit up but I found it quite pleasant in the sunshine where you could see the beautiful plants and water fountains, for only 350 baht per foreigner its a bargain!


Walking Street

8Obviously Walking Street is one of the most famous tourist spots especially with the guys! However there is plenty for everyone to do on Walking Street besides the bars, you can go for a rave at Lucifer or Insomnia disco, see the street performers and visit Bali Hai Pier at night time. You can see from my videos below that the whole street is filled with neon lights and there is plenty of live music in Utopia bar towards the end of the walk.


Visit Koh Larn Island

9 I have also written a page dedicated to Koh Larn Island which is located here but I didn’t want to include the same videos so I have shown the journey on the ferry(there and back). It takes about 20 minutes to get to Koh Larn and only costs 60 baht per person and if you go early you can stay there all day where there are peaceful beaches, a temple, quaint shops and a white Buddha statue on the hill.

Visit The Best Bars

10 There are many different Soi’s around Pattaya which also have bars besides Walking Street, Soi 6 is probably the most famous and you can see a funny moment I experienced there in the photo below. There is also Soi 15 near to Walking Street seen in the video below or you could head up to North Pattaya where it is a little less crowded and has lower prices than the main areas.(Read more about the best bars here.)


By James Thomas




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