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ThaiFriendly -Thai Friendly Dating Review

I decided to write this review regarding the ThaiFriendly dating site today and I must say its long overdue because before I came to Thailand I used their site regularly, I actually met 2 girls who I chatted to on this site…..it is nothing like Western dating sites and you will thoroughly enjoy it because the free membership allows you to exchange messages.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this review it is important to point out that there are thousands of real girls on this site, obviously because Thai girls are eager to meet Western guys. Due to the latter statement you can guarantee that you will receive messages from the girls even if you are not particularly attractive, its not like Western dating where you have to send tireless messages where the girl is just on the site because she likes the flattering messages she receives.





Its the ideal site if you are coming to Thailand to find a decent girl or even if you aren’t looking for anything too serious, there is something for everyone here but you can be sure that these are not just the type of girls you would meet at a bar in Pattaya.

As you can see in the screenshots below, you will get many girls looking at your profile everyday, as well as messages depending on how attractive you are….I am considered attractive so if I can get between 5-10 messages a day I am sure most guys will be happy. On this site you can choose to ignore messages like the Western women do to us..now the table is turned but you should try and reply at least to show we are ‘friendly’.



There is an option to upgrade in the ThaiFriendly website but the only thing the free version limits you to is 1 message every 10 minutes and you can only see the last person who viewed your profile. If you upgrade for the low cost of $24.95 a month you can get lots of other goodies! you can send messages without waiting 10 minutes in-between, you can use the chat facility and also your messages/profile stand out among all the other guys!




Checkout Thai Friendly today and I assure you that you will thank me for it! even if you are not in Thailand or you are still organizing your visit you can have fun chatting with these beautiful Thai girls!

By James Thomas



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