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Sanctuary of Truth


The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya is what I like to describe as the ‘Buddhist Sistine Chapel’, every square inch of the building is covered with carvings and sculptures of traditional Buddhist and Hindu deities.

The temple is constructed entirely out of, is 345 foot tall and is continually having sculptures added to it by Malaysian carpenters working in a nearby workshop and you can actually see working on the monument in the video below and that is why we were required to wear hard hats. The construction of the building began in 1981 and is not going to be complete until 2025 according to the design plan.

The Sanctuary of Truth is not a temple where monks reside but was the idea of a Thai millionaire and is supposed to share enlightenment with modern man according to the ‘Philosophy’ section on the official website. The site points out that many ancient truths have been abandoned due to mans devotion to technological advances.

While religious fables can often be heaped with rhetoric I don’t consider myself a total skeptic since some of the proverbs decorating signposts inside the temple do make clear some true points about the problems facing today’s society. An example is the quote ‘Materialistic pleasure is physical and external joy, but truth and goodness are immortal’


What I found interesting is the tales depicted through the buildings sculptures represents problems facing humanity and through the reincarnations of Hindu gods they are able transcend the realm of positive and negative karma if they do not commit wrong doings and live selfless lives.

There is even an astrological element placed into the temple and the characters for each of the planets can be seen in the video above. According the information provided next to each major feature inside the Southern hall it explains the character traits which each planet represents and how the planets affect human live during their orbit within the Earths path.

The video above also shows information about the architecture and how the design involves ‘Dove Tail’, ‘Long Tail’ and ‘Lap Tail’ joints which make the structure stronger since it doesn’t have a steel skeleton or concrete.


Finally after you have experienced the philosophy, breath-taking art and views from inside the temple you can retreat to the gift shop and cafe that also provides relaxing entertainment in the form of traditional Thai dancing which you can enjoy whilst you are eating or drinking a cool beverage.

By James Thomas



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