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Phone Top Up Machines – Pattaya Thailand – Orange Machines

We thought we would write an article for newbies or expats who have moved to Thailand discussing phone top ups, in particular the machines you see outside of 7 Eleven, Familymart and other foodmart’s. Most people use the scratchcards or slips you can buy in 7 Eleven to top up your phone on networks like AIS, One2Call, Truemove, DTAC or Happy, however, recently these scratchcards have been hard to get hold of in 2016 due to disagreements with the networks and various shops.



We wanted to talk about the top up machines because they can be an alternative when you can’t do it manually by typing in a code on your phone.  The problem with these machines is they can be confusing for newbies even though there are basic instructions in English and they don’t come with a receipt.

After you follow the steps which include entering your network, phone number and inserting your cash you are told to wait for a confirmation SMS/text message. Numerous times My Thai girlfriend has paid 50 baht and not received a top up and also I myself have inserted 200 baht (£4,€5,$6)  and not received anything. My advice is either to try a small amount of 20 baht first to see if it works or avoid the machines altogether.

The machines have a black aerial on top which is how they communicate with the networks and since you have no receipt there is no way of proving you paid. We called AIS and quoted the ID on the screen and they said the machine didn’t exist in Pattaya but another district.




Another brand of machines ‘Boontermis’ are the orange ones which are the most common, we have yet to experience a problem with these but we still recommend trying a small amount such as 50 baht before you get your full top up.

Other places you can get AIS/One2Call top ups in 2016 is the main shop on the ground floor of Central Festival opposite McDonalds.



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