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Pattaya People – The Good, Bad & The Ugly

I wanted to write this post today as sometimes I get annoyed with certain people I meet in Pattaya, there are really great people that I have met on Pattaya Addicts but then there are others which you think..oh no its one of these again.

I try not to judge people by their appearance and speak with everyone but I know people probably judge me as a pretty boy, but you want to bare in mind that everyone who comes to Pattaya(including myself) does so because they don’t fit in back in the West.

There are 4 main personalities which I see in Pattaya but they are only generalized and not meant to stereotype any one person. They are as follows:

‘The Mean Thuggish Type’


This is my least favorite out of all because they usually want to be the alpha-male but really they are just skeptical about all Pattaya girls because they are bitter at being less attractive either physically or personality wise. Don’t get me wrong I know most Pattaya girls are after your money but these guys think that unless you are getting drunk everyday and having a new girl everyday then there must be something wrong with you. This is not true since you can meet Thai girls who have real careers.

The General Bar Go-er’


I get it, Pattaya is a great place to have fun, drink and meet many beautiful girls… I have been there trust me, I have also learned from mistakes with certain girls and then moved on. I know guys who work in bars but also have a regular partner at times and I feel a lot of them want to settle down at some point. This is why I have many good friends in Pattaya like this.

The Settled Type (With Money ;))


Photo by W00kie

From time to time you will meet younger guys who have the means to stay in Thailand regularly and they have found a decent partner, like I said, the myth that all that is on offer is bar girls without any value is just that – a MYTH. Since I have been with my Thai girlfriend over a year we also visited her friends villa which was paid for by a Swiss guy who is married to her. Thai women are still one of the last family orientated women let around the globe.

‘The Retired Guy’


Wikimedia Photo

Lastly is the retired guy and these generally come in 2 kinds, the disorientated type who cannot escape the bars grasp but cannot settle down with younger girls. However you do see retired guys who have found a Thai women around their own age and have settled down and maybe even has kids, I guess if you are going to spend your life savings in Thailand you might as well have something to show for it!

By James Thomas



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