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Pattaya Park


If you have ever spent a long vacation in Pattaya or are retired here then you will probably be running out of day time activities to do since you would have realized that you cannot go out everyday and drink at the bars. Luckily that is what we try to remedy here and provide things to do in Pattaya, including the obvious hang outs on Beach Road and more family orientated tourist spots.

As you can see in the first video of this post there are some great traditional fairground rides at Pattaya Park such as Merry-Go-Rounds, ‘Tower Shot’ or you could go all the way and do the ‘Tower Jump’ seen in the videos below.

There are also trees groomed to look like animals such as elephants and deer in a pleasant walk towards the beach at the exit of the park. There is also a sky-rail which circles the park and you can see the founding monument in of the bird in the first video showing the park was established in 1985.

You don’t have to zip line off the Pattaya tower if you are a bit more reserved you can ride down in a capsule with your partner or friends. Pattaya Park is more than simply the tower jump, it is actually a hotel at the foot and there is a revolving restaurant at the top of the highest seaside tower on the coast of Thailand. You can see breath-taking views of Koh Larn island.


There is a waterpark with thrilling slides and a roller-coaster that you can look out onto Jomtien beach where people can play volleyball with nets available. There are many small Russian shops just outside the park including fruit stalls and you can by souvenirs about Thailand, this is just one of the tourist spots that show Pattaya is not only about beautiful girls like the stereo-type portrays.

If you find the revolving restaurant too expensive then it is no problem because walking on the beach you will find many street vendors selling barbecue chicken or fresh seafood and the best part is that it is only around 60 baht per person.


By James Thomas



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