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Pattaya Girls


One of the most obvious factors associated with a vacation in this city is the beautiful Pattaya girls and that is almost all you will hear from press coverage in the west, however, Pattaya is more than it is portrayed there. Girls in Pattaya are very family orientated and it is ingrained in them from an early age where they have to help their mothers with cooking and other chores which is something that is rare in Western cultures today as feminism often encourages women to see this as a bad thing.

Many Western men are attracted to the traditional family values that Pattaya girls offer and often get married and start a family if they are lucky enough to retire there or get their girl a Visa for their home country. Pattaya women tend to have lived a life involving more adversity than that of the average Western woman and do not have such high expectations of what to look for in a partner, they also enjoy the financial security of a partner from the West. Contrary to popular opinion it is not always wealth that plays the deciding role in Thai/Western male relationships, my partner has a job working in a shopping center and she is also attending University on the weekend.

Many Western men do travel to Pattaya looking for fun though so I’m not going to lie and say that it is all about finding a life long partner. As you can see from the Songkran videos I recorded there are many Pattaya girls that love to joke around and dance, its not hard to see why many Western men travel here to forget about their 9-5 and continual dating game back home.


If you are traveling to Pattaya and want to meet your dream Thai girlfriend then there are plenty of great dating sites such ‘ThaiFriendly.com’ and ‘ThaiLoveLines.com’. Personally I recommend ‘Thai Friendly’ because it is totally free, which means you can send messages and not pay which usually the case, however, you do have to wait 10 minutes between each message in basic membership.

On these dating sites there are many decent Thai women from good families who would love a Western man to shower them with compliments since from what I have heard many of them aren’t used to this kind of affection.


By James Thomas



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