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Pattaya Fire – Walking Street October 22nd 2013

A Major fire damaged shops on Phrathamnak Road and in Soi 16(Also known as Soi Shisha/Soi Arab) behind Walking Street on the 22nd of October 2013. The fire started at around 2.30pm and the source of the fire has yet to be confirmed with the TOA hardware store which had gas supplies within and other rumors suggesting it started in an Arab restaurant.

No injuries were reported and the public where contained behind police barriers although there was a large crowd standing around as the road was closed all afternoon. The fire was contained and fire engines dispersed in the late hours of the night, it probably helped that there was a large downpour(typical in the Pattaya low season)

As you can see from the long video above that there were small explosions within the TOA shop about half way through, this probably fueled the Pattaya fire greatly to spiral out of control.

Plumes of black smoke could be seen from miles around in Jomtien as seen in the video below and other people have reported seeing the smoke from beach road. Many emergency services were called to the scene which shows Pattaya has developed to handle such emergencies perhaps better than the yearly floods they also experience.

Pattaya tourists can rest at ease since this did not damage any of the major bars on Walking Street but only the Soi directly behind but the toxic fumes certainly caused many bars to close during the afternoon of October 22nd and the nighttime was not business as usual but you can be assured it will be back to normal within a few days. However, Phrathamnak Road will probably take several weeks to be cleaned up and buildings restored.


By James Thomas



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