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Pattaya 2014 – What’s New?


We have a lot to come for the ‘Things Pattaya’ website for 2014 and a lot of changes have taken place recently, for starters we have reached around 1500 videos on our Youtube and our forum is also becoming more popular. Our channel includes up to date clips from the latest happenings in Pattaya this week and also other areas of Thailand such as Bangkok, unfortunately we are kept busy filing copyright complaints to remove videos stolen by scraper channels but we try to update this site at least 3-4 times a week with the latest footage:


2014 is our second year presenting videos from around Pattaya and you should be sure to stay tuned for many exciting events which we will be covering in the next few months including the infamous ‘Songkran Water Festival‘ in April where Farrang and Pattaya girls battle it out with water pistols and the traffic around the city grounds to a halt. As you can see from the above video there are constantly events around town including at Central Festival shopping mall and you can be sure that we will be there to capture all of the excitement, also do not forget to check back at this site for useful information which helps with expat living, visa’s and other important services such as medical care and accommodation.

It is because of the theft of our content that we have had to invest in software which automatically watermarks our hundreds of videos and our content is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright act which searches for stolen content online. On a brighter note we are proud to announce that we have switched our hosting provider to ‘Hostgator’, such a change was long overdue since we require a big name provider to ensure our site constantly stays online to give our forum users and readers a great experience.

Please know that all content and hundreds of videos on our Youtube channel are created by myself the webmaster and the expensive yearly hosting from quality providers Hostgator($80) comes out of my pocket alone. I only ask that if you find any of my articles helpful that you ‘consider’ making a small donation to help keep this enjoyable project running 🙂

If you have any further questions do not forget to join our forum and introduce yourself because there are all kinds of members from different countries that can help you.


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By James Thomas




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