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Medical Health In Pattaya – Pharmacies, Dentists and Doctors

Something that expats who go to Pattaya are often concerned about is how they will handle an emergency if they need health care or they are simply visiting Pattaya for a holiday and want to get some surgery done while they are in town.

Depending on which country you come from you might want to get travel insurance before you leave just to cover yourself in case you get a serious injury because you will have to pay up front and it could turn out expensive if you only intended on a short vacation. I suggest checking out a comparison site for the best insurance such as here. Remember they do not have a National Health Care service here and even if there was you would not be entitled to it anyway since you are not a Thai national.

If you are staying on a longer basis( ie 1 year tourist or education visa), you will find its fairly cheap for minor surgeries such as dental care or even if you want cosmetic surgery there are dozens of clinics around. For example, you can get lazer removal of warts/moles for only 1000 baht per session which I have personally used, I have also had teeth removed for 800 baht and fillings for 500 Baht. If you are not loaded with cash you could always take a credit card for emergencies.

Another thing which you might require while you are in Pattaya is pharmaceuticals such as painkillers, mosquito repellent, personal medicine or contraception.


You can also see in the photo above that I have polution masks, these are more like all purpose masks and can be bought widely throughout Pattaya since many of the masseuses use them to cover their faces at work. I suggest anyone staying in Pattaya for a long period of time purchases these masks because when traveling around either by motorbike taxi or Baht Bus you will be exposed to lots of fumes from other traffic. I challenge anybody who is in Pattaya to verify my claim by traveling in a Baht bus from Sai Song Road to Jomtien and try not to cough! Imagine what this does to your lungs on a daily basis!

By James Thomas



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