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Make Money Online Pattaya Thailand

Not sure how to start off with this page but its more like a press release for our new sister site which we have started to give tips for anybody wishing to make extra money online whilst they are in Pattaya or traveling around Thailand.

We didn’t want to repeat the obvious techniques for earning money online which many people are already aware of and often fail at but we thought we have a great technique which is unique to making money in Pattaya.

You may have heard about people selling items on eBay but this can be a hassle since you need to find something worth selling and then you are trapsing back and forth to the post office all the time (Plus eBay Is Competitive).


There is a much more natural way you can earn money online in Pattaya but it won’t happen overnight and you will probably have to start your work prior to visiting Thailand and also have some savings to support yourself before you take off the training wheels. You need to know how much money you will need, start your own website about your experiences on vacation and exploit social media sites like Youtube to send visitors to it.

Below is a screenshot of our Youtube videos and you can see it is totally possible to get a lot of views on Youtube which can be redirected to your site via ‘annotations’ and links in you video descriptions. After you have mastered getting traffic you can sell advertising spots on your site for Asian dating and other affiliate programs like Adsense or Bidvertiser. (Google Adsense is best)


I have discussed the key factors you need to succeed with making money while on vacation in Thailand at my site www.MakeMoneyOnlinePattaya.com but one point you should remember is that what ever you decide to create your sites on make sure they are useful and not just something you’ve put up to earn money.

The better your site is for users the more valuable it will be for advertisers because people will spend more time reading your content. Hopefully this page has given you the motivation to get started but I highly recommend visiting our site dedicated to this topic because we will sharing all of our new ideas there and also reviewing new revenue sharing programs we have seen on the market and which ones not to waste time on.

By James Thomas



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