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Koh Larn Island


Koh Larn Island is 20 minutes off the coast of Pattaya and translates as ‘Coral Island’, it makes for a great day trip to escape the busy Pattaya Beach. There are also 2 smaller islands to the North of Koh Larn and you could choose to go to these as well if you want to relax on beautiful beaches, but Koh Sak and Koh Krok are too small to have shops and a school like Koh Larn does.

When you arrive at the main pier in Koh Larn you walk under an eloquent arch with a photo of the King of Thailand above it and immediately on your left you see….you guessed it ‘7 Eleven’! I was surprised they would have commercial shops like that on such a small island but being a popular tourist attraction I am not shocked that a corporation would take advantage.

In the video below you can see the moment we arrived into the dock at Lame Yuan pier, the great thing is that you can take a tour boat for only 60 baht from Bali Hai Pier to Koh Larn and it is like the equivalent of a bus rather than the individual speed boats that cost between 1000-1500 baht.

What I loved about Koh Larn is that everything is so small and while it was quite busy with tourists for some reason it reminded me of the quaint little villages you might get on a Mediterranean island with small red, yellow and green fishing boats tied to the end of the pier.

The main street has narrow cobble-stoned roads and you could rent a motorbike for the day at only 200 baht, however it was getting dark when we visited so we had a quick look around before heading back to the boat. Probably the highlight of the visit was seeing the Buddhist monks peacefully sitting under a large tree outside the main temple of the island, however there is one big white statue of Buddha on top of the islands mountain if you have set off earlier in the day to visit.

I just want to finish this article off by saying I don’t believe anybody would be disappointed visiting this added treasure of the Pattaya experience. You get to see an extra element of Thailand culture as the city was originally a small fishing village and the people still do rely heavily on the fishing boats that travel out every night and return in the early hours.


By James Thomas



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