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What To Expect – Christmas/New Years Eve


I decided to create this post for people looking to visit Pattaya around Christmas/New Years Eve time because I have experienced 2 festive periods here and I wanted to give people an idea of the events which take place.  I have included videos so that you can see what happens on Walking Street, Beach Road, at Central Festival and also at Bali Hai Pier.

Firstly you can see from the above video that is a big market all along Beach Road and it not only has stalls selling clothes, Thai food, ornaments, gadgets but it also has many fairground games where you can win cuddly toys. The great thing about Pattaya is that it has something for everyone including the family and this often includes animals as seen above, also Thai people love their fireworks (‘Dak Mai Fai’ – ‘Fire Flowers’) and you can see many over the festive period including a big ‘International’ show. There are large Christmas tree’s around the city including the large one in the video below and also outside Royal Garden Plaza mall also on Beach Road.

As you can see below no part of Pattaya is left without festivities at Christmas/New Years time and Bali Hai Pier at the end of Walking Street is very active including a big stage with Christmas figures such as Snowmen and Santa Claus, while in the background you can see the flashing Pattaya sign in the mountain – It really is a picturesque scene!


As you can see there is a wide selection of street foods at this Christmas event including sticky rice, fried chicken, BBQ chicken and Thai’s also like to make deserts from rice as well which come in many colors.

In conclusion you can see that Pattaya is more than what it is portrayed in Western media, there are lots of great event’s and family attractions to be seen not only the Thai girls which Western men come to see. It is a cost effective holiday also because the street food generally costs about ฿30 (50p, $1) but be sure to know what the Thai people pay and do not get ‘Farrang priced’ in the tourist spots, especially TukTuk’s who will offer you ‘private taxi’ when they charge everybody else only ฿10 (Never approach a TukTuk window asking the cost, just get on like everyone else).


By James Thomas



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