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Cambodia Visa Run


I wanted to cover my recent Cambodia visa run from Pattaya Thailand to Ban Pakard on the Cambodian border, this is a very forward journey and only takes around 7-8 hours in total(There and Back). Since you don’t actually spend much time in Cambodia this means there is not much for me to video but I wanted to cover the trip because I have been before and it seems like a shame to spend all this time going back and forth without at least salvaging some ‘memoirs’ from the experience.

The company I traveled with is called ‘First Class Visa Runs’ and they are located on the famous Soi 6 at the Queen Victoria pub about half way down(See video below). If you initially obtained a tourist visa in your home country you can ask them to get you a 60 day visa which can be extended a further 30 days in Soi 5 on Jomtien beach Immigration office.


If you want to get the ‘Multi Entry’ visa which can total a further 6 months in Thailand you must visit Laos which costs 8500 baht and takes around 9-10 hours by minibus. The good thing about the Cambodia visa run is that the mini bus seems to be more upgraded and has movies you can watch, I’m not sure why they don’t include this in the much longer Laos trip. What I can say is that the whole ‘First Class Visa Run’ service is that they really do take care of you, providing blankets, free English breakfast and multiple restroom stops as you can see in the first video.


This last video shows the actual immigration area at the border near Ban Pakard, you here a lot of stories about Cambodian children ambushing you to beg on other sites but this is an exaggeration, I think I saw one or 2 on my last visit but there were no problems at all.

I have a few other videos about the journey but I did not want to overcrowd this post with them because I believe 3 is plenty, however, you can see here another video of the greenery and a Thai lady picking wild flowers at the border. Another video shows me actually walking back through to get the ‘stamp’ back into Thailand but the video got cut short because an immigration officer told me ‘Sir, No Photo’….makes me wonder why, unless he thought I was a spy :-]

By James Thomas



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