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Beware Fake Micro SD Cards in Pattaya

I was looking to buy a new high capacity Micro SD card to store videos for our Youtube Channel recently and I have previously bought genuine Kingston 32GB one, the original ones are not cheap…500 Baht for the 32GB one alone and we need multiple cards for multiple camera’s on the go at the same time.  These store at least a few hours of video at a time which is quickly uploaded to our sites and the space is then available for the next recording session.

However, this post was meant to warn people who may be travelling to Pattaya and looking to get a Micro SD card for their holiday photos since I recently noticed the street stalls were selling what seems to be fake Micro SD cards from China. I myself did not purchase these since I know what they are but I will go into further detail to show you how to spot them.

I first heard about these faulty Micro SD cards when searching on eBay and I couldn’t believe how cheap they were compared to the official ones sold in reputable shops. I asked the girl on one of these stalls ‘How much for the 64GB mico SD card and she said 400 baht’, thats cheaper than I paid for an official 32GB one and I also examined the packaging very carefully…I tried to get a clear photograph but as you can imagine I didn’t want to alert them that I was inspecting their products.

Anyhow, there is an easy way you can spot the fakes and this is from the packaging…the packaging on the fakes is missing the transfer speed on the right hand side as seen in my photo above and it is typically something like ‘50mb/ps

The reason I am making this post isn’t about the fact they are fakes it is more about the fact that they damage your photos and don’t hold the amount of data that they claim to. As you can see in the screenshot above many people have left bad feedback on eBay about these cards.

Best to buy your SD card from a reputable shop in Central Festival while in Pattaya, one such as Powerbuy or Banana than a street stall…just remember your photos/videos are at stake!



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