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7 Eleven Promotional Stamps – Line Friends

One thing you can’t avoid when you come to Pattaya is 7-11 Convenience stores… for anyone who is not from America or South East Asia then you might not be familiar with this chain store. It is basically like the corner grocery store or the ‘Spar’ chain in the UK, you can get snacks, toiletries and other small household necessities.

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Another thing you can’t avoid when you go to 7 Eleven in Thailand is the little promotional stamps they hand you with your change after packing your shopping, they are the same appearance as a postage stamp but they can be exchanged for low value items or saved up to get a novelty item from the catalogue seen below.


In 2016 the theme of the stamps is ‘Line Friends’ which shows the characters from the messenger app ‘Line’ which is popular amongst Pattaya girls on their smartphones.  Even if you aren’t interested in using the stamps yourself you can always save them and give them to your Pattaya girlfriend, this will win you some brownie points….they love these promotions because they usually include characters like Hello Kitty.

In the previous years 2014 the Theme has included the Asean nations theme showing characters from different nations like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia.  The novelty items of that year included cutlery with these characters on which came in a nice themed gift box.

In 2015 the stamps included the character Rilakkuma which is a Teddy Bear from Japan and they had water coolers and water dispensers as the gifts.


You can simply spend your money in 7- 11 and collect the stamps as you go along or you can look for the little signs in the fridge which suggest particular items which correspond to certain point stamps.  I personally like that the fact that I get stamps even when I am buying things I wanted anyway.


The little pocket books where you affix your stamps can easily be seen near the cash register at checkout, if you don’t see it just ask the cashier and he/she will be happy to supply you with one.


The promotions usually last a year or so and this means you have plenty of time to collect your stamps…you can see we have filled up one book and this took around 1 month of gaining about 4-6 stamps a day. After you have completed the book simply return it to your nearest store and they usually have the items in the back room which they will exchange for your book.





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