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Sticky: Top 10 Things NOT To Do In Pattaya

After the enjoyment I had creating the ‘Top 10 Things To Do In Pattaya‘ list I thought that there are plenty of things NOT to do in Pattaya and therefore I thought I would put some videos and photos I own together and share my experience of what you might want to avoid doing in Pattaya.

1Do Not Leave Your Hotel During A Downpour


Flash floods occur in Pattaya when a large amount of rain falls in a short period of time and you can see this coming with black clouds in the sky. The Pattaya streets are very narrow and the drainage systems cannot cope with the downpours, the locals try to protect the surrounding bars and shops with sandbags but the water has been known to come up above knee high and covers the sidewalks also. If you visit Pattaya during the low season of June-Sept avoid going out if you see heavy rain because you could get stuck out somewhere away from your hotel and even motorbike taxi’s ‘cut-out’ when the exhaust gets wet.

2Avoid Talking To Street Tailors (If you don’t want a suit)

Any guys who have been to Pattaya and walked along beach road will have encountered the Indian tailor salesmen between the entrance to Soi 6 and some of the other Soi’s further down. I am not trying to offend any tailors in this post because I know they are just trying to earn a living but sometimes they cross over the line and can invade your personal space by touching your arm or standing in front of you as you walk a long. You can see an example of this in the video below so I suggest you do not engage in conversation and walk straight ahead, although there is one funny salesman who tries to get your attention by putting on Western/Australian accents!

3Avoid Soi 6/1 (Not the same as Soi 6)

Any guy who has stayed in Pattaya over a 2 week duration will know exactly what I am talking about with this one! Soi 6/1 is a completely different street to the famous Soi 6 which has many beautiful Thai girls, it is the street just after this and doesn’t have many bars but it does have many ladyboys waiting to ambush you! They will come and pull your shirt and I wouldn’t advise walking there alone at night.


4Don’t Forget To Pay Respect To The King

Everywhere you go in Thailand you will see monuments to the King and Queen, mainly in portraits and at the movie theater everybody has to stand up for the Royal anthem before the film starts – Make Sure You Stand Up In Respect!

Thailand has a good King at present who is 85 years old and brings hope and pride to average Thai people everyday, you can see posters of his majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej in small businesses across Pattaya.


5Do NOT Buy A Copy iPhone At Tukcom


You might be tempted to get a copy iPhone/Samsung from Tukcom IT Center since they are on sale for 2000 baht when the original’s cost 10 times as much, however, these phones have inferior camera capabilities and often do not download the correct App’s from the Google Play or iStore. Most of these copies come from China and the police have done raids on Tukcom to confiscate them but they keeping returning under the counter.

6Don’t Forget A Helmet On A Motor Bike

Generally motorbike taxi’s are the safest because they are used to driving through busy traffic everyday and it is the ‘Ferrang’ who drive around recklessly. A Russian tourist died in May 2013 after driving a Kawasaki at high speed along Jomtien 2nd road where he cut in front of another driver and flew off his bike hitting a lamp-post which tore his body in 2 pieces. Some people also drive motorbikes under the influence of alcohol here so try and get a helmet whenever you are riding one.

7Do Not Use Small Cafe Bathrooms!

If you ever go to a small roadside Thai restaurant for food which only costs 40 baht per person, this is great….however, you may find the restroom is not particularly attractive. I don’t understand why they have these small hole in the ground toilets and I imagine they are not particularly enjoyable for women to use. There are also many of these toilets down side streets near beach road which they charge you 5 baht to use, you might want to hold it in until you see a McDonalds or get back to your hotel!

8Don’t Forget Respect In Buddhist Temples


There are a few Buddhist temples in Pattaya which include the Wat Phra Yai Buddha statue, Sanctuary of Truth and the Wat Chaimongkron in the video above. Remember not to kiss or show lust towards your girlfriend when walking through the temples because it is disrespectful towards the Buddhist teachings to display this type of behavior in public and generally frowned upon by Thai people.

9Don’t Go Out In A Thunder Storm!

It might be wise to stay indoors during a thunderstorm, they are quite common in Pattaya especially during March-May. While your chance of getting hit by lightning is 1/750,000 and 1/500,000 living in the United States, it is probably increased in Thailand due to the tropical climate. Incidents of people hit by lightning in Thailand have been recorded as recent as 2008 with 2 Australian tourists dying whilst visiting waterfall spots North East of Bangkok in Nong Sung.

10Do Not Leave Your Balcony Door Open!


If you have been in Pattaya a long time and rent a condo or villa I am certain you are familiar with the creepy crawlies that find their way into your room. So far I have been plagued by small ants which are nearly impossible to eliminate but thankfully they only go where you leave food or sweet drinks lying around. The gecko’s find their way under the crack in your door and can be caught using my method in the video above, I have even seen a Praying Mantis on my balcony! Don’t forget the Mosquitoes!

By James Thomas



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